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I had actually planned to go on a longer vacation during August / September and therefore turned down Elena’s inquiry for a honeymoon photo shoot in Bali. However, she advised that they will be in Bali for a longer period and she is very positive that she wants ME to do their photo shoot .  In the end my holiday plans had to make way for several other projects .  So I was available to do a honeymoon photo shoot for Sebastian & Elena.

And it was not just another honeymoon photo shoot, but so far the very best of the last few years.  It’s hard to say what made it such an outstanding shoot. It rather was a combination of factors that played in concert to create this symphony. And at times it felt more like a fashion shoot … mainly because of how these two acted.

Elena was not just a ‘natural’ in front of the camera but her moves were those of a professional photo model and I asked her if she has some previous modeling experience. Or if she has been on many fashion shoots. Both she denied, although I am not sure if I can believe her…  It seems as if Elena’s stunning looks inspired me greatly during this photo-shoot. And this, in turn pushed me to new limits resulting in the best honeymoon photo shoot of my career.

But, it was also the weather with those super gorgeous fluffy clouds. The low tide at the beach during the later part of the afternoon was also ideal. The super lush green of the rice fields and possible many other factors also made this to become such an outstanding honeymoon shoot in Bali.

Whatever it was – what matters is the outcome! And I stop now raving and let you enjoy my personal favorites from the honeymoon photo shoot in Bali:


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