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I think I have a new favorite pre wedding photo shoot for this year. Jade, the bride contacted me a few months ago and said she loved my pre wed work but she would like to have more… than my usual work. I gladly accepted this challenge because I was anyway in the midst of planning and thinking about prewedding photography for 2014.

Jade told me that she would like to do 2 days for her prewedding photographs. I was a bit hesitant about that because one full day is in my opinion absolutely enough. However since the light, which is the most important factor for pre wedding photography, is at its best in the early morning hours and late afternoon I suggested to do a one day shoot but spread it over 2 days. Jane was happy with that idea and so was I.

I prepared a schedule for them that incorporated my usual locations plus some  more. And it is that ‘some more’ that made this pre-wedding shoot so gratifying for me. In particular I love the photos with fire & smoke. Because fire emphasizes on the love and passion of a couple who committed to spend the rest of their life together. And besides it also looks great. We again used fire as backdrop for more photos in a forest on the 2nd day as well.

Jade also loved to idea of underwater pre wed photos. So we did also did an underwater photo session as part of this shoot.  And last but not least Jade briefed me that she would love to do some photos in a villa. So we also had a photo session in a fantastic private villa.

It was also very easy and joyful to work with this lovely couple. And it was great honour for me to have met and worked with people from Brunei for the first time in my career.


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Jade, Husni I am truly honoured having worked with you guys on this pre wedding shoot. It was an inspiration and a pleasure and I hope to see you again some time in the future.

Truly’ Dominik

Makeup & hair styling was provided by Bali’s Number ONE bridal: BALI MAKEUP & HAIR.


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