Bali Villa wedding


The Bali villa wedding of Debby & Adam was a picture perfect wedding and in my opinion how a dream wedding should be.

The Bali villa wedding venue: Overlooking the Lombok strait this must be one of the villas with the best view on the island. 250 – 300 meters unobstructed cliff view – can it get any better?

I arrived shortly after lunch time when Debby and the gals were getting ready for the tea ceremony. The ladies looked awesome in their Indonesian outfits. And that included also all the moms, aunties and and and… A feast for the eye. The tea ceremony was fairly relaxed with lots of laughter because for Adam and his part of the family this was a ‘West meets East’ affair – something they were not too accustomed with.  After the teh pai (tea ceremony) concluded Debby, Adam and the bridal party had their photos taken in some of the villas grandeur spots. After that a short break ensued before everyone was getting ready for the nuptials. The peak of this fantastic Bali villa wedding.

What I also very much enjoyed about this Bali villa wedding was cultural mix between Australia and Indonesia. An example of how harmonious Aussie – Indo relations should be. But I’d better not get political here…

Meanwhile on the upper deck of this vast compound the altar was being decorated – and what a decor it was. Orchids abound.

The ceremony of this Bali villa wedding took place during the late afternoon when the light was at its best. Then the couple and their guests released balloons into the blue sky. After that the group and family photos were taken we still had some time left for some gorgeous sunset photos. Of which my personal favorite photo was the one taken of A&D in front of the infinity pool against the fading light of the day.

The couple then retired, and Debby changed dress before making a spectacular entrance to the reception. During the reception they were mostly occupied touring all the tables and having fun with their families and friends. After the cutting of the cake Debby & Adam did their first dance, while giant sparklers were going off.

The evening continued in a relaxed manner and with lots of fun and culinary delights. I leave you in the following with my favorite photographs of this dream Bali villa wedding.


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I feel very privileged that I had the opportunity to be part of this splendid Bali villa wedding. Debby, Adam than you so much.

Truly’ – Dominik

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