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The Bali villa wedding of Samantha and Liam was to be a truly great one. That I already knew once I met this lovely couple from Australia a few days before the wedding. Sam & Liam are a very outgoing and relaxed couple. They had few requests and from the outset we connected very well. Sam & Liam had chosen a spectacular venue for their Bali villa wedding. Perfect conditions!

Overlooking Jimbaran bay and in front of an infinity pool this truly qualifies as a dream Bali villa wedding in every sense. I completely loved the minimalistic approach to altar décor. And with such a stunning view who needs much décor anyway.

The girls were getting ready on one end of this large villa while the gentlemen were chilling in a pool. It is this relaxed atmosphere that makes a Bali villa wedding such a unique experience.

In spite of rather adverse weather condition during the whole week the weather turned out to be perfect during the ceremony of this Bali villa wedding.

After the ceremony concluded and the family and group photographs were taken we embarked on a photo tour to a beach close by. The overcasted sky provided for a gorgeous soft light.  They also brought chilled beers and champagne, which further relaxed the mood. Consequently we got some truly amazing shots during that photo session.

A stunning performance by fire dancers was one of the highlights of the evening at this fantastic Bali villa wedding.

It was also thanks to the lovely ladies from Whiskaway, a boutique wedding planner from down-under who did a brilliant job in pulling it all together. They were also very hands-on during the whole wedding which resulted also in ultra-smooth flow of this fantastic Bali villa wedding.

In the following I leave you with my favorite photographs of this spectacular Bali villa wedding:


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1015-Samantha Liam by DOMINIK(


I feel privileged that I could be part of this magnificent event. Sam, Liam thank you so much. I look forward to seeing you again sometime in Bali for the baby photos…

Truly’ – Dominik


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