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Lynn & Jackson are people of delicate taste ! And they choose a wedding at AYANA. At the romantic Tresna chapel to be precise. What they did not choose were the rather adverse weather conditions on that day.  It was one of those few days in a year when the rain in Bali simply did not want to stop. But the gods showed at least some mercy and let the clouds part for a few seconds when the groom and few moments later the bride and her father made their entrance into the beautifully decorated chapel. Everybody held their breath when Lynn, preceded by some children from their family arrived. I loved the dress and congratulate Lynn for breaking with traditions and not wearing a white nor white-ish dress. Good on ya me lady!!! Long live yellow – the color of the smart 😉

Because of the thick cloud cover it was a bit dark and that necessitated the lights to be switched on in the chapel. And this mix of light between natural and artificial light provided for a fabulous lighting for the photographs. After the nuptials for this wedding at AYANA concluded we took the obligatory family and friend photos inside the chapel. The couple then retired for a moment to freshen up for the evening.

The reception dinner took place in one of the resort’s ballrooms. The guests meanwhile were enjoying cocktails and canapés at the foyer. We were lucky because again the rain stopped for a few minutes allowing us to do a few photographs outdoors. They were then joined by the newlyweds. The first formality of the evening was then the champagne opening. Lynn & Jackson then visited every table for a short chat.

Lynn had a second spectacular dress prepared into which she changed mid-way into the reception. Meanwhile culinary delights started to arrive. The newlyweds then made their grand entrance to the reception. The evening continued in a relaxed manner. I very much enjoyed seeing Jackson entertaining the youngest guests of the day. He devoted quite a lot of time to this – much to the delight of the youngster attending this wedding at AYANA. A sign of things to come… possibly maybe..

I leave you now with my favorite photographs of this lovely and intimate wedding at AYANA.


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Lynn, Jackson – thank you so much for letting me be part of your big day. It was an honour and a pleasure. I wish you both all the best and look forward to seeing you in Bali again someday – hopefully with some offspring…

Truly’ Dominik

P.S.: makeup & hair for Lynn and the other ladies courtesy of BALI MAKEUP & HAIR – simply the best in Bali.


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