Wedding dinner


This couple from Taiwan initially confused me a little bit. And even up to now I am still not sure whether to call this a wedding, a pre wedding / honeymoon or what photo shoot. The bride called it a wedding dinner.  Whatever it may be called it was a fantastic photo shoot with a lovely couple. We started with a photo tour around the resort in the mid afternoon and continued taking pictures until around sunset time. The couple then were joined by their parents and good friends. They then had a fabulous, candle lit dinner in the garden of their villa. At some time during that dinner their friend took on a funny disguise and some sort of ceremony was held. Nothing I have ever seen before… But that is what makes life as a wedding photographer interesting. Every time something new…

They also did a cake cutting, as part of their wedding dinner. I then left and they continued to enjoy the evening.

I am particularly proud to have been chosen by those two. Why ? Because Taiwan is very well known in the Chinese world as a destination to do wedding and pre wedding photography. And some photographers there have very high standards. Although their style is very different to mine. So it was an honor for me that the bride choose me because of my very natural looking photographs. Thanks guys for letting me be the photographer for your wedding dinner in Bali.


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