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I deliberately choose the word fun in the title of this blog post. Because this wedding was really a fun wedding in Bali. I already knew that its going to be that way, because a few days before the wedding I had a full day pre-wedding session with this wonderful couple from Canada. And rarely did I laugh so much during a photoshoot as with those guys. And this fun-laden atmosphere was equally present on the wedding day.

The wedding took place in one of Bali’s top resorts: AYANA. Cath was getting ready amongst her closest friends who flew in especially for this occasion from Hong Kong. Kevin meanwhile got himself prepared in another room. I liked very much the fact that Cath and Kevin met before walking to the altar and helped each other with the finishing touches.

They then walked together towards the altar where they were greeted by their distinguished friends and family. The ceremony, which on most wedding is a rather serious affair was filled with laughter and fun.

Afterwards we embarked on a phototour around the resort. The light was perfect and we got some truly gorgeous shots. The newlyweds the freshened up before making their entrance into the beautifully decorated reception venue. I documented the first 30 minutes of the reception, which again was mostly fun and laughter. I now leave you with some of my personal favorite impressions:


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Such a fun wedding in Bali is what makes my profession as a wedding photographer so pleasant. And I look forward to many more such rewarding weddings.

And in the following please see the video of this fantastic wedding:



Please see also the pre-wedding photographs of Cath & Kevin

Truly’ – Dominik


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