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Julia & Anton just got married a few days before coming to Bali. Back home they did not have a big wedding, just the paper work. Consequently they were very much keen on having honeymoon / wedding photographs taken during their vacation in Bali.

While researching her options for a photographer in Bali Julia came across my website. She contacted my right away and asked for my availability during her stay in Bali. The only brief Julia gave me was that her honeymoon photographs would need to be natural and should reflect the deep bond between her and her husband.

I never in my entire career had a photoshoot whereby the emotions of the couple transferred into the photos as well as in this shoot. I hardly had to give any instructions or asked for any poses. It all came completely natural. It was so easy and inspiring to work with these two ‘love-birds’. The conditions for this honeymoon photo shoot could not have been any better. Everything was simply perfect. So without any further ado please see in the following my personal favorites of this super inspiring photo shoot:


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Julia, Anton thank you so much for letting me create those honeymoon photographs in Bali. I hopefully see you again some time in Bali for same family photographs with the little ones.

Truly’ – DOMINIK

P.S.: Makeup & hair styling by BALI MAKEUP & HAIRthe best stylists in town…


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