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Weddings and pre wedding photographs during the height of the rain season in Bali are somewhat risky business. But that was not to deter Toby & Gilbert. Come rain, come sunshine they were ready for it. To mitigate the risk of rain spoiling it all they decided to have a pre wedding session 3 days before the wedding. And it turned out to be a prudent move to do so. On the day of the pre wedding photos the weather was so-so. Which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because of the soft light that the over casted sky on that day provided. In the end everyone was happy that we had at least the pre wedding photos under wraps.

On the wedding day they had planned to do the ceremony at 17.00 h. I advised them to set the ceremony one hour earlier. Why ? Because the chance of rain was very high for that day. So my idea was that if it would rain at 16.00 h they could wait for the rain to stop and then still do the wedding ceremony. And this strategy paid off. When I arrived at 15.00 h there were huge rain clouds in the sky. Rain was an inevitability! And it was decided to proceed with the wedding ceremony as planned. A wise decision! Towards the end of the ceremony it started to rain heavily. But that was not to spoil this lovely wedding. Only the signing had to be done under a roof. We continued with the group and family photographs.

And then best part was to come. Because of the ongoing rain we were unable to shoot any photos outdoors. At first it appeared to be a bit of a problem where to do the photographs… But I love challenges and we did all the photos inside the hotel. I am completely thrilled with the results. I am very glad that I was confronted with this challenge.

Please see for yourself:


wedding in rain Bali
Bali wedding in rain
wedding in rain photos
wedding in rain05
wedding in rain06
photos of wedding in rain
wedding in rain photo
wedding in rain photographs
wedding in rain10
wedding in rain11
wedding in rain12
wedding in rain13

wedding in rain14

wedding in rain15wedding in rain16

wedding in rain17

wedding in rain18

wedding in rain19
wedding in rain20

wedding in rain21

wedding in rain22

wedding in rain23

wedding in rain24

wedding in rain25

wedding in rain26

wedding in rain27

wedding in rain28

wedding in rain29

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wedding in rain31

wedding in rain32

wedding in rain33

wedding in rain34

wedding in rain35

wedding in rain36

wedding in rain37

wedding in rain38

wedding in rain39

wedding in rain40

wedding in rain41

wedding in rain42

wedding in rain43

wedding in rain44

wedding in rain45



Makeup & hair on the wedding and during the pre-wedding by: BALI MAKEUP & HAIR


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