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Tam & Emily choose to have their wedding at Maya Ubud, which reflects their distinguished style and their preference towards the finer things in life. And what a wedding it was. When I arrived about 2 hours prior to the ceremony the Maya Ubud wedding team was busy decorating their starlight deck venue. While Emily, accompanied by her lovely sisters, was getting ready in one the resorts stylish villas. The ladies were styled by the island’s most reputable bridal agency: BALI MAKEUP & HAIR. Tam was taking it rather easy during that time and enjoyed quality time with some of his family members.

In the later part of the afternoon guests started to arrive and where mingling at resort’s lounge. A highlight of any Maya Ubud wedding is when the bride walks down the aisle and towards the altar, set amid the resorts lush greenery. Emily looked stunning, much to her future husband’s delight.

The ceremony for this Maya Ubud wedding went without a hitch and the couple not only exchanged their vows but obviously also enjoyed the proceedings. After congratulations the couple then spontaneously did a short dance before embarking on a photo tour around the resort. For me this is one of my favorite parts of any Maya Ubud wedding. Because this beautiful hotel has so many excellent spots for photographs. We ended the session at the hotel’s own temple.

Meanwhile the reception / dinner venue was being prepared and guests started to arrive there. For any Maya Ubud wedding the moment when the bride & groom make their entrance is always a spectacular sight. That was followed by an impressive Balinese dancer’s performance.

The remainder of the evening had the usual program with cake cutting, speeches and first dance. And of course as every Maya Ubud wedding – a mouthwatering selection of culinary delights. Every one seemed to have a good time. I left this Maya Ubud wedding after the first dance, but the party continued until late night. Please see in the following the photographs of this magnificent Maya Ubud wedding:


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Our Maya Ubud wedding
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Emily, Tam, thank you so much for letting me be part of this fabulous Maya Ubud wedding. I look forward to seeing you again in the future.




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