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I feel very privileged having been chosen to be the wedding photographer for Hector & Colleen. Most of my wedding photography assignments in Bali require me to drive for 1,2 hours or more by car. Whereas for this wedding it was less than 10 minutes because the venue for this fantastic event was in Canggu, where I also happen to reside. But that was only the icing on the cake of this wonderful wedding. The fabulous villa where the nuptials of Hector & Colleen took place is located only 100 meters inland from the shore. The wedding ceremony took place on a platform upon the villa’s long Infinity pool. Décor came in the form a of flower arch with beautiful fresh flowers. The couple was accompanied by a bridal party of 6 six. The blessing ceremony was short and sweet, giving my barely enough time to get it all covered. After the group and family photographs were taken we embarked on a photo session to the beach in front of the villa. It was a beautiful sunset and the couple was in the mood to get wet – perfect ingredients for me as their wedding photographer.

The evening was no less special – great decoration, cheerful people, great food & drinks and laid back tunes by a DJ. Again an ideal setting for me as Colleen & Hector’s wedding photographer. With the highlight being when Hector and the boys took to the pool with a big splash. So without any further ado I present you the wedding photographs of Colleen & Hector:


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Thank you so much guys for letting me be your Bali wedding photographer! I hope to see you for children photographs in a few years down the line.

And another big thank you to Valentino Ruya, Bali’s best wedding photographer who was so generous as to work together with me on this wedding. Thanks mate – I could not have done it without you.

Truly’ – Dominik

P.S.: Makeup & Hair by the fabulous team from BALI MAKEUP & HAIR


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