Sanctus wedding

A wedding at the Sanctus is always a special treat for a wedding photographer. Let along for a couple. This cliff side venue is definitely among my faves in Bali. The views, the light, the garden – everything perfect. Combine this with a super lovely couple and a cheerful crowd and what you get is a perfect Bali wedding. For this wedding at the Sanctus the couple flew in from the U.K.. Their guests were mostly from South Africa. And it all went perfect. Crystal clear blue sky, a slight breeze to keep everyone comfortable and above all great light. The main ingredient for good photos.

The ceremony took place mid-afternoon, which gave us plenty of time for photos, which were done after the obligatory group and family time photos were done.

The ceremony for this wedding at the Sanctus was carried by a friend of the couple. First time for me to see a celebrant in shorts. After the ceremony guests were treated for coktails and imported beers. I emphasize on the beers not only because I am myself a connoisseur of good hop&malt drinks, but it showed the grooms attitude to sparing no expense to make every one happy. And in general it was a wedding of ‘good tastes’ . That was also reflected in an absolutely mouthwatering dinner buffet.

Another first timer for me and an absolute astonishing part of the wedding was when the groom’s friends did their speeches in the form of rap. Absolutely amazing. I applaud those guys for pulling that of.

I could go on, but I rather leave you with some of my favorite impressions of this magnificent wedding at the Sanctus:


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