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    A few words about me and my approach as wedding photographer, if I may: I have been a Bali Wedding Photographer for over eight years and have been documenting in excess of 300 Bali destination weddings for couples from across the world. For me wedding photography in Bali is not a profession, but a calling driven by an innate curiosity for what lies beyond the obvious. I am passionate about wedding photography and believe in the power of the enduring still image in our fast paced world where the emphasis is on immediacy. An intimate photograph stops time and allows you to reflect, to relive a moment and above all: TO FEEL. I am consumed with a desire to be an eye witness to the diversity of human emotions and to record all the defining moments of your wedding in Bali. I do so with empathy and honesty. I harness the story-telling power of wedding photo journalism by highlighting your own individuality and through meticulous attention to details. Some people have asked how could I have made such compelling and engaging photographs – my answer is: how could I not…

How a Bali villa wedding should be

Bali Villa wedding

The Bali villa wedding of Debby & Adam was a picture perfect wedding and in my opinion how a dream wedding should be.

The Bali villa wedding venue: Overlooking the Lombok strait this must be one of the villas with the best view on the island. 250 – 300 meters unobstructed cliff view – can it get any better?

I arrived shortly after lunch time when Debby and the gals were getting ready for the tea ceremony. The ladies looked awesome in their Indonesian outfits. And that included also all the moms, aunties and and and… A feast for the eye. The tea ceremony was fairly relaxed with lots of laughter because for Adam and his part of the family this was a ‘West meets East’ affair – something they were not too accustomed with.  After the teh pai (tea ceremony) concluded Debby, Adam and the bridal party had their photos taken in some of the villas grandeur spots. After that a short break ensued before everyone was getting ready for the nuptials. The peak of this fantastic Bali villa wedding.

What I also very much enjoyed about this Bali villa wedding was cultural mix between Australia and Indonesia. An example of how harmonious Aussie – Indo relations should be. But I’d better not get political here…

Meanwhile on the upper deck of this vast compound the altar was being decorated – and what a decor it was. Orchids abound.

The ceremony of this Bali villa wedding took place during the late afternoon when the light was at its best. Then the couple and their guests released balloons into the blue sky. After that the group and family photos were taken we still had some time left for some gorgeous sunset photos. Of which my personal favorite photo was the one taken of A&D in front of the infinity pool against the fading light of the day.

The couple then retired, and Debby changed dress before making a spectacular entrance to the reception. During the reception they were mostly occupied touring all the tables and having fun with their families and friends. After the cutting of the cake Debby & Adam did their first dance, while giant sparklers were going off.

The evening continued in a relaxed manner and with lots of fun and culinary delights. I leave you in the following with my favorite photographs of this dream Bali villa wedding.

Villa wedding in BaliBali wedding villacliff top wedding villa Bali05-Bali-villa-wedding06-Bali-villa-wedding07-Bali-villa-wedding08-Bali-villa-wedding09-Bali-villa-wedding10-Bali-villa-wedding11-Bali-villa-wedding12-Bali-villa-wedding13-Bali-villa-wedding14-Bali-villa-wedding15-Bali-villa-wedding16-Bali-villa-wedding17-Bali-villa-wedding18-Bali-villa-wedding19-Bali-villa-wedding20-Bali-villa-wedding21-Bali-villa-wedding22-Bali-villa-wedding23-Bali-villa-wedding24-Bali-villa-wedding25-Bali-villa-wedding26-Bali-villa-wedding27-Bali-villa-wedding28-Bali-villa-wedding29-Bali-villa-wedding30-Bali-villa-wedding31-Bali-villa-wedding32-Bali-villa-wedding33-Bali-villa-wedding34-Bali-villa-wedding35-Bali-villa-wedding36-Bali-villa-wedding37-Bali-villa-wedding38-Bali-villa-wedding39-Bali-villa-wedding40-Bali-villa-wedding41-Bali-villa-wedding42-Bali-villa-wedding43-Bali-villa-wedding44-Bali-villa-wedding45-Bali-villa-wedding46-Bali-villa-wedding47-Bali-villa-wedding48-Bali-villa-wedding49-Bali-villa-wedding

I feel very privileged that I had the opportunity to be part of this splendid Bali villa wedding. Debby, Adam than you so much.

Truly’ – Dominik

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Merry - January 13, 2017 - 11:53 pm

Hrga menikah di villa bali

Miriam - March 12, 2015 - 10:23 am

Hi Lagi,

Thanks for being in touch. The villa was somewhere on Bali’s Southern Peninsula. I dont remember it’s name. It maybe a good idea if you ask your wedding planner. You’ll need one because as far as I know they allow weddings only through planners. If you need a good planner you may want to check out: EASY BALI WEDDINGS – I Know they have been doing weddings at that villa before.

Hope this helps – DOMINIK

Lagi - March 12, 2015 - 7:53 am

Hi can I ask where is this villa please



Miriam - December 23, 2013 - 3:09 pm

Thanks for your kind words Debby !!!

Debby Kadarusman - December 23, 2013 - 2:08 pm

A Merry Christmas indeed with all those WONDERFUL images you have assembled! Wow, looking at each of the images was truly re-living the day so you truly have captured moments rather than just “taking photos”. And in the images that you directed, the images create a moment, a story. I know i shouldn’t be surprised as that was the very reason why we approached you in the first place – your gift of capturing/creating moments – but we are truly in awe of your work. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this amazing record of our beautiful day.

With love,
Adam & Debby Mitchell

Ps. see in you the future for some family portraits 😉

Bvlgari wedding

Bvlgari wedding

Claire and Yuki are both very busy people and had therefore limited time to spend in Bali. So they wanted to make the best of the time they had here. And they wanted to celebrate their wedding in splendor. Therefore they opted for a Bvlgari wedding.

For various reasons it was not feasible for them to do an extended photo session on the day of their Bvlgari wedding. Therefore they decided to do a separate engagement photo session on one of the days before the wedding.

Capturing the beauty of Bali and celebrating their love was the objective for this engagement photo session. Claire originally being from China told me that it was very important for her that their photos would not look posed and directed. But natural and spontaneous was what she was after.

We started this engagement shoot early in the afternoon when Claire had her makeup & hair styling done. And we then embarked on an photo tour at our favorite locations. Claire changed her outfit three times during this photo shoot. We were very lucky because all the rice fields were at their peak green period. Which in turn provided for some very Bali-feel shots.

We also visited some forest and temple locations. We concluded the engagement shoot on a deserted beach with some spectacular sunset photographs.

Their Bvlgari wedding was to be on the next day. And I was looking forward to photographing at this magnificent venue. Needless to say that it all went without a hitch. The time for the ceremony of this Bvlgari wedding was set during the sunset time. Which provide for some superb light.

Bali Bulgari weddingmarriage at Bvlgariwedding ceremony BvlgariBvlgari weddingsBvlgariweddings in Bvlgari BaliBali weddings in Bvlgari

wedding Bali Bvlgaribvlgari weddings photo0496Claire-Yuki-by-DOMINIK-(d-weddings.com)wedding photographer Bvlgaribest Bvlgari wedding photosBvlgari wedding Baliweddings Bali Bvlgari0803Claire-Yuki-by-DOMINIK-(d-weddings.com)Bulgari photographerBulgari wedding photosBvlgari BaliBvlgari wedding photoswedding photos Bvlgariwedding ceremony Bvlgari-1BulgariOur Bulgari wedding photos

0015Claire Yuki by DOMINIK (d-weddings.com)0068Claire Yuki by DOMINIK (d-weddings.com)weddings in Bulgari Bali0006Claire Yuki by DOMINIK (d-weddings.com)0081Claire Yuki by DOMINIK (d-weddings.com)best Bulgari wedding photos0178Claire Yuki by DOMINIK (d-weddings.com)0211Claire Yuki by DOMINIK (d-weddings.com)0212Claire Yuki by DOMINIK (d-weddings.com)0247Claire Yuki by DOMINIK (d-weddings.com)wedding at Bvlgari Balisunset wedding photoBvlgari sunset weddingwedding Bali Bvlgari-1Bali BulgariBulgari Bvlgari weddingschina bvlgari weddingOur Bvlgari wedding photos1131Claire Yuki by DOMINIK (d-weddings.com)

In the following please see also the VIDEO of this Bvlgari wedding:

It was a great pleasure working with Yuki & Claire on their Bvlgari wedding – they were very easy and relaxed in the front of the camera. Which in turned yielded some brilliant wedding and pre-wedding photographs.

The makeup & hair styling was provided by BALI MAKEUP & HAIR my trusted partner for perfect looks. Claire, Yuki thank you so much for this enchanting Bvlgari wedding and for letting me be your photographer. I hope to see you again in the near future for some more photos when your family grows…

To see another wedding at Bvlgari please click here

Truly’ Dominik

Photos of a Bali villa wedding

Bali Villa wedding photographs

The Bali villa wedding of Samantha and Liam was to be a truly great one. That I already knew once I met this lovely couple from Australia a few days before the wedding. Sam & Liam are a very outgoing and relaxed couple. They had few requests and from the outset we connected very well. Sam & Liam had chosen a spectacular venue for their Bali villa wedding. Perfect conditions!

Overlooking Jimbaran bay and in front of an infinity pool this truly qualifies as a dream Bali villa wedding in every sense. I completely loved the minimalistic approach to altar décor. And with such a stunning view who needs much décor anyway.

The girls were getting ready on one end of this large villa while the gentlemen were chilling in a pool. It is this relaxed atmosphere that makes a Bali villa wedding such a unique experience.

In spite of rather adverse weather condition during the whole week the weather turned out to be perfect during the ceremony of this Bali villa wedding.

After the ceremony concluded and the family and group photographs were taken we embarked on a photo tour to a beach close by. The overcasted sky provided for a gorgeous soft light.  They also brought chilled beers and champagne, which further relaxed the mood. Consequently we got some truly amazing shots during that photo session.

A stunning performance by fire dancers was one of the highlights of the evening at this fantastic Bali villa wedding.

It was also thanks to the lovely ladies from Whiskaway, a boutique wedding planner from down-under who did a brilliant job in pulling it all together. They were also very hands-on during the whole wedding which resulted also in ultra-smooth flow of this fantastic Bali villa wedding.

In the following I leave you with my favorite photographs of this spectacular Bali villa wedding:

Bali villa wedding photographers

my Bali villa wedding

villa weddings on Bali

photos of Bali wedding villas

Best Villa wedding photographer

Bali photographer for villa wedding

Bali wedding villas

villa wedding Bayu Sabbha

0302-Samantha Liam by DOMINIK(d-weddings.com)-

Bayu Sabbha wedding photosBayu Sabbha wedding photo

Bali villa wedding photographer

villa wedding in Bali


0468-Samantha Liam by DOMINIK(d-weddings.com)-

Best Villa wedding photographers

0759-Samantha Liam by DOMINIK(d-weddings.com)-

Bali villa rental wedding

0635-Samantha Liam by DOMINIK(d-weddings.com)-

our villa wedding in Bali

best Bali villa wedding

0767-Samantha Liam by DOMINIK(d-weddings.com)-

0750-Samantha Liam by DOMINIK(d-weddings.com)-

0783-Samantha Liam by DOMINIK(d-weddings.com)-

0776-Samantha Liam by DOMINIK(d-weddings.com)-

0731-Samantha Liam by DOMINIK(d-weddings.com)-


0622-Samantha Liam by DOMINIK(d-weddings.com)-

0697-Samantha Liam by DOMINIK(d-weddings.com)-

0682-Samantha Liam by DOMINIK(d-weddings.com)-

0802-Samantha Liam by DOMINIK(d-weddings.com)-

photos of villa weddings in Bali

photos of Bali villa weddings

0598-Samantha Liam by DOMINIK(d-weddings.com)-

0855-Samantha Liam by DOMINIK(d-weddings.com)-

photo of villa wedding in Bali

photos of villa wedding in Bali

0971-Samantha Liam by DOMINIK(d-weddings.com)-

1015-Samantha Liam by DOMINIK(d-weddings.com)-

I feel privileged that I could be part of this magnificent event. Sam, Liam thank you so much. I look forward to seeing you again sometime in Bali for the baby photos…


Truly’ – Dominik

Miriam - December 20, 2013 - 2:12 pm

Thank you !

Wedding Decorations - December 13, 2013 - 11:15 pm

Amazing photos of Sam and Liam. I love the way you captured so many beautiful moments in such vivid color.

Jakarta Wedding

Jakarta Wedding by Dominik

It’s been a few years since I did my last Jakarta ballroom wedding. So I was very excited when Dion, the groom contacted me about 9 month back and asked me to come to Jakarta to photograph his wedding there. I had photographed the wedding of Dion’s sister 6 or 7 years back in Bali. And Dion told me that he and his family loved my pictures so much that they wanted to have me for their wedding in Jakarta.

At first I was a bit hesitant because Jakarta weddings are very different from what we normally do in Bali. That is because those weddings are exclusively indoors and therefore require a different skill set. But since I have not been in Jakarta for a long time and I love a challenge I accepted the assignment.

And what a wedding it was !! I started my work at one of Jakarta’s most prestigious hotels where the groom and his entourage were getting ready. From there we departed to the bride’s home where some games and a tea ceremony were performed. Afterwards we headed back to the hotel where the next tea ceremony was held.

At around lunch time a beautiful service was held in a church in Central Jakarta. For me this was the highlight of the day. Because the church provided for awesome and inspiring photographs of the matrimony of Dion and Belinda.  What followed was a well-deserved break for everyone.

The reception was held in a large ballroom of the hotel. I did not count the tables, but it must have been in excess of 100. The décor was spectacular and the cake was the largest I have ever seen in my career. Gigantic !

During the evening various high-class entertainment options were presented to the guests. For me the highlight of the evening was when Belinda did her first dance with her father. Who then surrendered the bride to Dion. There was so much going on during that evening that it would go beyond the scope of this blog to describe it all. Rather I leave you with my personal favorites of this fabulous wedding:

01-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

02-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

03-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

04-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

05-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

06-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

07-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

08-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

09-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

10-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

11-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

12-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

13-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

14-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

15-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

16-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

17-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

 A flying groom’s man – definitely a first-timer for me… 

18-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

19-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

20-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

21-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

22-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

23-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

24-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

25-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

26-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

27-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

28-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

29-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

30-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

31-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

32-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

33-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

34-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

35-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

36-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

37-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

38-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

39-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

40-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

41-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

42-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

43-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

44-Dominik Jakarta Wedding


45-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

46-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

47-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

48-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

49-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

51-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

Please note that Papa is making telephone calls during the Champagne pouring – gotcha Daddy !!!

52-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

53-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

54-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

55-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

56-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

57-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

I guess we will never know what he’s been seeing / thinking in that moment… 🙂

58-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

59-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

60-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

61-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

62-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

63-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

64-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

65-Dominik Jakarta Wedding

66-Dominik Jakarta Wedding


Dion, Belinda I hope you will enjoy the photographs as much as I did capturing them. A big THANK YOU goes to Valentino Ruya , who helped me to capture this magnificent Jakarta wedding.


Truly’ Dominik


I   w a n t   a   W E D D I N G   i n   B A L I