A few words about me and my approach as a wedding photographer, if I may: I have been a Bali Wedding Photographer for over eight years and have been documenting in excess of 500 Bali destination weddings for couples from across the world.

For me, wedding photography in Bali is not a profession, but a calling driven by an innate curiosity for what lies beyond the obvious.

I am passionate about wedding photography and believe in the power of the enduring still image in our fast-paced world where the emphasis is on immediacy. An intimate photograph stops time and allows you to reflect, to relive a moment and above all: TO FEEL.

I am consumed with a desire to be an eyewitness to the diversity of human emotions and to record all the defining moments of your wedding in Bali. I do so with empathy and honesty.

I harness the story-telling power of wedding photojournalism by highlighting your own individuality and through meticulous attention to details. Some people have asked how could I have made such compelling and engaging photographs – my answer is: how could I not…

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