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    A few words about me and my approach as wedding photographer, if I may: I have been a Bali Wedding Photographer for over eight years and have been documenting in excess of 300 Bali destination weddings for couples from across the world. For me wedding photography in Bali is not a profession, but a calling driven by an innate curiosity for what lies beyond the obvious. I am passionate about wedding photography and believe in the power of the enduring still image in our fast paced world where the emphasis is on immediacy. An intimate photograph stops time and allows you to reflect, to relive a moment and above all: TO FEEL. I am consumed with a desire to be an eye witness to the diversity of human emotions and to record all the defining moments of your wedding in Bali. I do so with empathy and honesty. I harness the story-telling power of wedding photo journalism by highlighting your own individuality and through meticulous attention to details. Some people have asked how could I have made such compelling and engaging photographs – my answer is: how could I not…

Major international awards won

Hello World,

It comes with great pride that I want to announce that I have won two awards in a major international wedding photography contest. This is already the 9th award I have won with THE ARTISTIC GUILD OF WEDDING PHOTOJOURNALISTS. You can learn more about previous awards I have won at this link.

Here are the 2 award winning images:

CATEGORY: Creative Portraits

International award winning photographer

more info at this link.


CATEGORY: Getting ready

International award winning photographer.

more info at this link.



Maya Ubud wedding

Maya Ubud Wedding

Firstly please see the video of this fantastic Bali wedding:


Tam & Emily choose to have their wedding at Maya Ubud, which reflects their distinguished style and their preference towards the finer things in life. And what a wedding it was. When I arrived about 2 hours prior to the ceremony the Maya Ubud wedding team was busy decorating their starlight deck venue. While Emily, accompanied by her lovely sisters, was getting ready in one the resorts stylish villas. The ladies were styled by the island’s most reputable bridal agency: BALI MAKEUP & HAIR. Tam was taking it rather easy during that time and enjoyed quality time with some of his family members.

In the later part of the afternoon guests started to arrive and where mingling at resort’s lounge. A highlight of any Maya Ubud wedding is when the bride walks down the aisle and towards the altar, set amid the resorts lush greenery. Emily looked stunning, much to her future husband’s delight.

The ceremony for this Maya Ubud wedding went without a hitch and the couple not only exchanged their vows but obviously also enjoyed the proceedings. After congratulations the couple then spontaneously did a short dance before embarking on a photo tour around the resort. For me this is one of my favorite parts of any Maya Ubud wedding. Because this beautiful hotel has so many excellent spots for photographs. We ended the session at the hotel’s own temple.

Meanwhile the reception / dinner venue was being prepared and guests started to arrive there. For any Maya Ubud wedding the moment when the bride & groom make their entrance is always a spectacular sight. That was followed by an impressive Balinese dancer’s performance.

The remainder of the evening had the usual program with cake cutting, speeches and first dance. And of course as every Maya Ubud wedding – a mouthwatering selection of culinary delights. Every one seemed to have a good time. I left this Maya Ubud wedding after the first dance, but the party continued until late night. Please see in the following the photographs of this magnificent Maya Ubud wedding:

wedding photos Maya Ubudcandid photographers UbudMaya Ubud weddingswedding pictures Ubudwedding photo journalist UbudBest Ubud wedding photographerWeddings at Maya Ubud08-111-Tam-Emily-by-DOMINIK-(d-weddings.com)-0037-2International wedding photographer Ubudbest photographer UbudMaya Ubud wedding photoMaya Ubud wedding photo2wedding photographer Ubudphotos at Maya Ubud Resortwedding photo Maya Ubudwedding photos Maya Ubud-2wedding photo journalist Ubud-218-258-Tam Emily by DOMINIK (d-weddings.com)-0063-4
Our Maya Ubud wedding
Best Ubud wedding photographer-2
Maya Ubud photographerMaya Ubud RESORT photographerUbud wedding photojournalist27-Ubud wedding photojournalistsMore Maya Ubud weddings-34-More Maya Ubud weddings-35-More Maya Ubud weddings-36-More Maya Ubud weddings-37-More Maya Ubud weddings-38-More Maya Ubud weddings-39-More Maya Ubud weddings-40-More Maya Ubud weddings-41-More Maya Ubud weddings-42-More Maya Ubud weddings-43-More Maya Ubud weddings-44-More Maya Ubud weddings-45-More Maya Ubud weddings-46-More Maya Ubud weddings-47-More Maya Ubud weddings-48-More Maya Ubud weddings-49-More Maya Ubud weddings-


Emily, Tam, thank you so much for letting me be part of this fabulous Maya Ubud wedding. I look forward to seeing you again in the future.



Wedding Photographer for Hector and Colleen

Very best Bali wedding photographers

I feel very privileged having been chosen to be the wedding photographer for Hector & Colleen. Most of my wedding photography assignments in Bali require me to drive for 1,2 hours or more by car. Whereas for this wedding it was less than 10 minutes because the venue for this fantastic event was in Canggu, where I also happen to reside. But that was only the icing on the cake of this wonderful wedding. The fabulous villa where the nuptials of Hector & Colleen took place is located only 100 meters inland from the shore. The wedding ceremony took place on a platform upon the villa’s long Infinity pool. Décor came in the form a of flower arch with beautiful fresh flowers. The couple was accompanied by a bridal party of 6 six. The blessing ceremony was short and sweet, giving my barely enough time to get it all covered. After the group and family photographs were taken we embarked on a photo session to the beach in front of the villa. It was a beautiful sunset and the couple was in the mood to get wet – perfect ingredients for me as their wedding photographer.

The evening was no less special – great decoration, cheerful people, great food & drinks and laid back tunes by a DJ. Again an ideal setting for me as Colleen & Hector’s wedding photographer. With the highlight being when Hector and the boys took to the pool with a big splash. So without any further ado I present you the wedding photographs of Colleen & Hector:

best Bali wedding photographervery best Bali wedding photographerbest wedding photographer Balibest wedding photographers Baliinternational Bali wedding photographerbest international Bali wedding photographerbest international Bali wedding photographersbest wedding photo journalist Balibest Bali wedding photo journalismbest candid wedding photographer Balibest candid photographer Balisuper Bali wedding photographerbest candid photographers Balisuper Bali wedding photographersBali wedding photographers internationalour best wedding photographer Balicandid wedding photo Balibest Bali photog

Thank you so much guys for letting me be your Bali wedding photographer! I hope to see you for children photographs in a few years down the line.

And another big thank you to Valentino Ruya, Bali’s best wedding photographer who was so generous as to work together with me on this wedding. Thanks mate – I could not have done it without you.

Truly’ – Dominik

P.S.: Makeup & Hair by the fabulous team from BALI MAKEUP & HAIR

Rachel - June 4, 2014 - 3:53 pm

Hello, your pictures are gorgeous! May I know which villa this wedding was held in?



This underwater photo shoot is definitely my best so far. Mainly because of these two wonderful guys: Lana & Tom. Giving directions for an under water shoot is always a bit tough. Try to get someone to smile underwater and you will know what I am talking about here. This is because it is already difficult enough for people to swim and hold breath and and and… But what Lana & Tom did was way beyond my expectations. They ‘performed’ in the water as if they have been doing this their whole life. Whereas in reality it was also their first photo shoot underwater. Lana’s wedding dress was also perfect – although it disintegrated slowly during the shoot.

Those photos were created over a period of about 1.5 hours in a pool specially prepared for this kind of photography. The high noon sun also flooded the pool with light. Which in turn resulted in the perfect lighting conditions. I was completely exhausted after the session and 40 – 50 dives. But it was very rewarding experience. I could not have asked for a better couple for this under water shoot.  Anyway. without any further ado please see the photographs of Lana & Tom:

UnderwaterUnderwaterUnderwaterUnderwaterUnderwater0007-Underwater wedding photographerUnderwater0009-Underwater wedding photographer0010-Underwater wedding photographer0011-Underwater wedding photographer0012-Underwater wedding photographer0013-Underwater wedding photographer0014-Underwater wedding photographerLana, Tom thank you so much for this fantastic experience. You guys may want to consider a career as underwater photo models.


More underwater photos: here & here & here 

Roxane - May 31, 2014 - 10:44 pm

Incredible shots, Dominik. I can feel how you, the photographer, and the couple became a synergistic dance. Tom and Lana are beautiful and their love for each other radiates from them. They look so relaxed and in a state of bliss. The wedding gown she chose is spectacular for this kind of shoot. They are obviously very photogenic and are able to “be” even underwater. Heart touching and a beautiful experience for the observer. Congratulations to all of you for this experience that you manifested. Thanks for sharing your love and these intimate moments. Blessings…

Lana - May 1, 2014 - 7:14 pm

Dominik’s underwater photos were amazing and exceeded every expectation! Plus lots of fun.

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